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NI-Festival 1423

  • Starting in1423, 13 senior, 016 on May 7at 6:30
  • Completion timeof 14 senior 1423, May 8 016
  • Organized spaceChhayanaut Auditorium

14 senior 1423, 016 on May 8, Saturday. “Mora’s wild storm” – the conferencing through dances and songs of Nazrul’s two-day festival beginning to the end Chayanat “dole swinging cradle,” presenting them with songs. Yesterday evening, everyone gathered in the auditorium of Chhayanaut Shahin Samad welcomed the two-day event. Today, on the occasion Mofidul Haq said.

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Tagore Festival 1423

  • Starting at4 April 1423, 7 May 016
  • During the completion of the5 April 1423, May 8 016
  • Organized spaceChhayanaut Auditorium

5 April 1423, 016 May 8, Sunday. “Happy karmapathe fearless hold music” – Chayanat call started with a two-day festival ending Tagore is “a huge wave rays, the sky bright light in the life of the unborn in the past, I udbeliya magana-restless waves of the same joy” with dances and songs.

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1423 New Year Celebration

  • Starting at1 April 1423, 016 of April 14,6:15 am
  • Building at1 April 1423, 14 April 016
  • Organized spaceRomana batamula

1 April 1423, 14 April 016, on Thursday. Well, again, like every year, the invocation of the new year was Chayanot batamule Ramna. Ragalapa morning began with soy chataya program. The single song and conferencing, text-rote performance of 30 total. The main topic was ‘humanity’.


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